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Girl Geek X

Girl Geek X SiFive Dinner – July 25th in San Mateo

Girl Geek X SiFive Dinner

You are invited to a Girl Geek X SiFive Dinner on Wednesday, July 25 in San Mateo – an exciting evening of networking, delicious food & drink, & discussions around the new possibilities of a smarter, more connected world!

SiFive is at the forefront of the RISC-V Revolution and on a mission to empower the world’s entrepreneurs and their ideas. We do this by providing an entirely new way to design chips and by providing tools, platforms, and an ecosystem that dramatically reduces prototyping costs. Get your ticket now for Girl Geek X Dinner!


6:00pm – 7:00pm: Check-in, Networking with Appetizers & Cocktails
7:00pm – 8:00pm: Welcome, Lightning Talks & Fireside Chats, Followed by Q&A
8:00pm – 9:00pm: More Networking, Group Discussions & Standup Sessions

About SiFive:

SiFive was founded by the inventors of the RISC-V ISA, a breakthrough computer architecture that is enabling the democratization of silicon and silicon design. The world is seeing a massive surge in demand for custom chips for IoT, Edge, and AI/ML applications.

Girl Geek Speaker Bios:

Megan WachsMegan Wachs, Senior ASIC Design Engineer, SiFive
Megan is an ASIC Design Engineer at SiFive, the company founded by the inventors of the free and open RISC-V ISA, and chair of the RISC-V Debug Task Group. At SiFive, Megan is the platform lead for the Freedom Everywhere Platform, and has authored open source RTL for the industry’s first RISC-V silicon, as well as contributed to hardware and software development for the HiFive1 Arduino-compatible RISC-V development kit. Prior to SiFive, Megan served in engineering roles in Rambus’ Cryptography Research Division. Megan earned her Ph.D. and a master’s degree in electrical engineering from Stanford University, and an undergraduate degree in engineering from Brown University.

Talk Topic: “The RISC-V Revolution” by Megan Wachs
The software world has embraced concepts that have increased the productivity of teams of all sizes: using Free & Open technology, spinnimg up quickly on the cloud with limited infrastructure, and leveraging reusable libraries vs starting from scratch. The ASIC (silicon chip) design world hasn’t caught up. SiFive focuses on bridging the gap, to enable a team of hackers in a garage to dream big and prototype quickly. This talk dives into a little about what that means to me as a SiFive engineer.

Huma AbidiHuma Abidi, Director of Engineering, Artificial Intelligence Product Group, Intel
Huma is the engineering director of the Artificial Intelligence Product Group at Intel, where she is responsible for deep learning framework software optimization for Intel Xeon processors. Huma joined Intel as software engineer and has since worked in a variety of engineering, validation, and management roles in the area of compilers, binary translation, and machine learning and deep learning. She received the Intel Achievement Award for her work in the Software and Services Group and was twice recognized with the Intel Software Quality award. She is passionate about women’s education and serves on the board of directors at ROSHNI, a philanthropic organization that educates and supports underprivileged girls in India. Huma holds a BS in pre-med and chemistry and an MS in computer science from the University of Massachusetts.

Talk Topic: “An Overview of Machine Learning / Deep Learning” by Huma Abidi
Huma will present an overview of her work on machine and deep learning. She will cover Intel’s portfolio in this space, which includes TensorFlow and other other flexible, open-source AI frameworks.

Amy LindburgAmy Lindburg, Product Manager – SiFive Cloud Services, SiFive
Amy is the Product Manager for SiFive Cloud Services. Amy started her career at Bell Labs, where she was a designer of the full-custom analog chip that became the founding technology of Resound, Inc. She went on to design a chip for the Macintosh Quadra and the motherboard for the Powerbook Duo computer at Apple. Stints at General Magic (see the trailer for the upcoming movie), Violet (early e-commerce), Home (three kids for 10+ years), Adobe (flash virtual machine), and Docker (container technology, DevOps) have provided Amy with the critical depth/breadth to be effective in her current “dream” job at SiFive. Amy has an MS in Electrical Engineering from Stanford University and a BS in Electrical Engineering from Northwestern University.

Talk Topic: “Making Hard Things Simple” by Amy Lindburg

Event Tickets & Details:

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