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Girl Geek X

Girl Geek X Criteo Dinner – February 20th, 2018 in Palo Alto!

Girl Geek X Criteo Dinner

You are invited to Girl Geek X Criteo Dinner on Tuesday, February 20th, 2018 at Criteo’s office in Palo Alto! Join us for a night full of insightful talks from our women in tech, yummy food and cool swag.

Criteo girl geeks speaking at the dinner include VP / Head of Research Suju Rajan, Senior Software Engineers Yanfei Wang and Shilpa Shukla, Product Manager Zoé Durand, and Product Data Analyst Youngjin Heo.

About Criteo:

Criteo is a global technology company that enables brands and retailers to connect more shoppers to the things they need and love. We’ve built the Criteo Commerce Marketing Ecosystem: an open, secure, transparent, and fair environment where retailers, brands, and publishers collaborate to put data into action at every point of the purchase journey. Machine learning, big data, a global network, and scalable solutions. Our technology stack is purpose-built for success!


6:00pm – 7:00pm: Check-in & Heavy Appetizers
7:00pm – 8:00pm: Welcome & Lightening Talks
8:00pm – 9:00pm: Dessert & Networking

Criteo Girl Geek Speaker Bios:

Suju RajanSuju Rajan, VP Research
Suju is VP of Research at Criteo. At Criteo, her team works on all aspects of performance driven computational advertising, including, real-time bidding, large-scale recommendation systems, auction theory, reinforcement learning, online experimentation, metrics and scalable optimization methods. Prior to Criteo, she was the Director of the Personalization Sciences at Yahoo Research where her team worked on personalized recommendations for several Yahoo products. She received her PhD from the University of Texas at Austin.

Talk Topic: “Machine Learning for Computational Advertising” by Suju Rajan
Talk Description: “Machine learning literature on computational advertising typically tends to focus on the simplistic CTR prediction problem which while being relevant is the tip of the iceberg in terms of the research challenges in the field. There have been several recent efforts, shaped by the realities of a complex ad ecosystem, to develop models that try to better encapsulate the journey of an ad from its impression to possibly leading to a purchase. In this talk, we will highlight the recent research challenges in the field of computational advertising & how it is evolving to incorporate ideas from areas such as reinforcement learning, econometrics, deep learning & large-scale recommender systems.”

Yanfei WangYanfei Wang, Senior Software Engineer
Yanfei joined Criteo 8 months ago as a Senior Software Engineer. Prior to joining Criteo, she worked on Real Time Bidding Platform buying ads inventory for advertisers from publishers around the world as a Senior Software Engineer at Turn. Yanfei is working on a project that brings offline sales data from retailers, and is building insight with the given data to help retailers reach their customers more efficiently. Prior to her current project, Yanfei owned the data pipeline which built insights and dashboards for internal Analytics given big data in HDFS. Yanfei holds a Master in Computer Science from Iowa State University. Outside of work, she enjoys time with her husband and two young daughters, doing garden work and trying new recipes in the kitchen.

Talk Topic: “Criteo Dynamic Retargeting” by Yanfei Wang
Talk Description: “In this talk, I will cover the high level workflow of Criteo Dynamic Retargeting. Potential prospects visit retailers’ websites, search some products and then leave without making any further action. Criteo Dynamic Retargeting show the potential prospects personalized ads when he/she visit other publisher websites online. Powered by both online and offline data of the prospects, Criteo Dynamic Retargeting delivers the right ad at the right moment in the shopper journey, and help retailers grow their customer base.”

Youngjin HeoYoungjin Heo, Product Data Analyst
Youngjin is a Product Data Analyst in Criteo Sponsored Product, which enable brands to leverage targeting to reach intent shoppers across devices. As a Product Data Analyst, Youngjin focuses on analyze product data in order to deliver product insights to internal clients and support them to build a vision of our product. After studying statistics at the University of Michigan, Youngjin uses analytical thoughts and skills to analyze the big data from e-commerce.

Talk Topic: “Day in the Life of a Criteo Product Data Analyst” by Youngjin Heo
Talk Description: “E-commerce market generates a tons of data day-to-day and therefore, the person who finds insightful information in the big data is essential. This talk will give an overview of what a Product Data Analyst at Criteo is, what PDA do, and what kinds of super fun projects that PDA work on at Criteo.”

Shilpa ShuklaShilpa Shukla, Senior Software Engineer
Shilpa is a Senior Software Engineer at Criteo where she uses Apache Spark, Scala and Python to build the data pipeline for Criteo Business Solutions. In her role as a data engineer, she works on the big data platform that processes multiple terabytes of user behavior logs per day. She has worked on ingesting and transforming this data into data models for efficient consumption by BI, Analytics, Machine Learning and other teams. Currently, she is working on re-writing the Attribution module that connects user activity data, such as clicks and impressions, with order confirmations to measure retailer’s ROI. Before Criteo she was a Data Analyst at ITHAKA/JSTOR. She has a master’s degree in Information Science from University of Michigan’s School of Information with a specialization in information analysis and retrieval.

Talk Topic: “Data Engineering at Criteo Business Solutions” by Shilpa Shukla
Talk Description: “Data Engineering roles could mean different things at different companies based on the type of data pipeline and infrastructure. In this talk I will give an overview of what we do and what our technology stack looks like. Last but not the least, I will point out some super fun aspects of our jobs.”

Zoé DurandZoé Durand, Product Manager
Zoé is a Product Manager on the Engine team for Sponsored Products, focusing on the optimization and automation of bidding strategies for clients. She is currently spending most of her time on a project aiming to change the internal auction mechanisms for allocating ad slots to products, and the way the bids are computed to achieve brands’ targets. Before that, she worked in Paris in another team also as Product Manager and as an Analyst, and before that she was in university in France studying applied mathematics.

Talk Topic: “Revamping the Marketplace and Internal Auction for Criteo Sponsored Products” by Zoé Durand
Talk Description: “Criteo Sponsored Products shows sponsored brand products on retailer websites. Placements are usually multi-slot, and filtered eligible products then go through an internal auction to rank products according to their bids. In this talk, I will present how we changed the design of the Criteo Sponsored Products marketplace and internal auction to account for our ecosystem specificities.”

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