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Girl Geek X

Bay Area Girl Geek Dinner #31 Sponsored by Hackbright Academy

Hackbright Academy and Bay Area Girl Geek Dinners invite you to join us for a night of celebrating women learning to code on Wednesday, December 5, 2012 (6pm – 9pm) in downtown San Francisco!

Mingle with fellow girl geeks over dinner and drinks, check out cool demos by students of Hackbright Academy, and hear inspiring stories from different women who learned to code.

Want to start a career as a software developer? Apply by January 15 to attend Hackbright Academy.

For details on Hackbright and to apply for your spot, click here.

Are you hiring engineers? Join us for Career Day on 12/4, register here.


6:00pm – 7:00pm: Registration, Food/Drinks & Networking
7:00pm – 8:00pm: Lightning Talks — Women Learning To Code
8:00pm – 9:00pm: Hackbright Academy Q&A, Then More Networking!

Speaker Bios for the Hackbright Girl Geek Dinner:

Julia GraceTalk Topic: “Lessons Learned from Finding (and Firing) Mentors”

Julia Grace (Software Engineer, Tindie)

Julia is a mentor at Hackbright Academy and the engineering lead at Tindie. Previously, she was the CTO of WeddingLovely, a 500 Startups company. She has held engineering roles at startups, large companies, and is on the board of several non-profits. She is lucky to have many fabulous mentors, and she’ll tell you how she found them! She holds both a BS and MS in computer science, is an active member of the Python community and writes code everyday. Follow her on Twitter at @jewelia.

Letitia LewTalk Topic: “3 Pages from the Diary of a Software Engineer”

Letitia Lew (Software Engineer, Hipmunk)

Letitia is currently a software engineer at Hipmunk, which makes travel search easy and fun. Prior to that, she worked at Flixster / Rotten Tomatoes, where she built their Windows 8 application. Letitia will talk about her first programming course at Stanford helping Karel the Robot turn right, how she ended up on a panel at Microsoft as the only developer with three product guys, and how being a female programmer has affected her dating life. Letitia holds a M.S. in Computer Science, a B.S. in Civil Engineering, and no high school programming experience. In college, she raced a solar car across the continent of Australia. Follow her on Twitter at @LetitiaLew

Talk Topic: “Becoming an Engineer”

Renee Chu (Software Engineer, Twilio)

Renee is currently a Software Engineer at Twilio. She attended a liberal arts college and knew nothing about programming until earlier last year. She had taken a computer science online for fun. When her tech-savvy friends Sutee and Ben started giving advice on her code that she had posted on Facebook, she realized that by taking the class alone, she was missing out out on the best part of learning how to code. Her blog is Renee’s attempt to recapture that classroom interaction and get friendly feedback. Follow her on Twitter at @reneighbor.

Ashley LordenTalk Topic: “Becoming A Web Application Developer”

Ashley Lorden (Web Application Developer Intern, SurveyMonkey)

Ashley was a student at Hackbright Academy and is currently a Web Application Developer at SurveyMonkey. Prior to Hackbright and SurveyMonkey, she was Head of Operations and Customer Service for Emerge, an employee benefit company that offers a workplace-based financial wellness program. Before she earned a degree in Economics from Brown University, Ashley became an active supporter of social benefit programs in her hometown of Longview, Washington. She spent time in in Argentina where she worked with the Clinton Global Climate Change Initiative. Ashley has founded several websites, and due to her weakness for afternoon cookies started a bakery in Buenos Aires.

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