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Bay Area Girl Geek Dinner #28 Sponsored by Salesforce

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Join us for Dinner #28 sponsored by Salesforce on Thursday, Nov 1, 2012 @ Salesforce Office in San Francisco!

Meet the women behind Salesforce’s innovations, enjoy interesting technical talks, refreshments, and network with other brilliant Women in Technology!

Event Hashtag: #SFDCggd


Salesforce Girl Geek Dinner Agenda:

5:30pm – 6:30pm : Registration, Networking, Demos and Refreshments
6:30pm – 7:30pm: Lightning Talks
7:30pm – 8:30pm: Breakout for Q&A, Demos and More Networking



Speakers Bios:

Rajani Ramanathan (COO, Technology and Products)

Talk Topic: Introduction

Speaker Bio: Rajani Ramanathan is the Chief Operating Officer for the Technology & Products organization at With for twelve years, she was part of the core team that delivered the bleeding edge technology behind’s pioneering array of products that power the social enterprise. Rajani started her career in sales and marketing, and founded companies specializing in marketing feasibility studies, corporate space planning, and interior design. After relocating to the United States, she transitioned to technology. As one of’s technology leaders, Rajani has championed innovative and efficient software development methodologies using agile principles, which leads to providing a total quality customer experience.

Jeanine Walters

Jeanine Walters (Architect, Sales Cloud)

Talk Topic: A Behind the Scenes Look at the Architecture

Speaker Bio: Jeanine Walters is a Software Architect in the Sales Cloud at where she enjoys making millions of paying customers happy. In addition to building the service and writing code, her work includes mentoring and guiding other engineers, and working with engineering and product management to influence product and company direction. Prior to, Jeanine held multiple technical positions for companies great and small, including an internet company that she founded. She is a MIT graduate with a B.S. in Math with Computer Science and has since enjoyed living and working in the San Francisco Bay Area. In her spare time, Jeanine enjoys dancing and playing Capoeira.
Susan Kimberlin

Susan Kimberlin (Product Management Director, Search)

Talk Topic: “I hear what you mean…”: Product Management as Translation

Speaker Bio: Susan Kimberlin is a product management director for search features across’s product offerings. Previously, she has been a “Jill of all trades,” working on search technology in some form or another in roles that have involved everything from rules coding and academic research to technical documentation and user training. She has applied this broad of range skills at a handful of diverse companies that include both the tiny research startup Discern and the tech giant eBay. Susan graduated from the University of California at San Diego with a B.A. in Linguistics and spent her third year studying at the Georg-August Universität in Göttingen, Germany. Outside of work, Susan spends her time singing with her all-women a cappella group, The Loose Interpretations, working with non-profit About Face on the board of directors to promote media literacy and improve self-esteem and body image for girls and young women, reading about San Francisco restaurants, bars and real estate, and geeking out in the kitchen with her husband and their macgyvered sous vide system.

Mysti Berry
Mysti Berry (Principal Content Strategist, Technical Documentation)

Talk Topic: Individual Contributor and Leader: My First Year

Speaker Bio: Mysti Berry joined in 2005, and is the Principal Content Strategist in the Technical Documentation department , which means it’s her job to figure out how her team’s rich and deep collection of content can attract and keep customers and save the company money. Mysti graduated from UCSC with a degree in Linguistics (where she got her first UNIX account!) and writes crime novels on the side. She has 22 years of technical writing experience, culminating with the first internal architecture guide at

Reena Mathew
Reena Mathew (Principal Architect, Quality Engineering)

Talk Topic: Test Automation at Scale

Speaker Bio: Reena Mathew is a Principal Architect with the Quality Engineering Department at She has been with for more than 6 years and was the Lead Quality Engineer for several of the Platform and Reliability products. Reena has taken on other roles like Product Owner for several Productivity Teams which build tools for’s engineers. She is currently the Product Line Manager for the Test Automation Program which is responsible for the extensive suite of automated tests that uses to ensure the quality of their products. Prior to joining, Reena worked at BEA Systems and Novell and she has a MS in Computer Science from UC, San Diego.

Anna Mieritz
Anna Mieritz (Senior Manager, User Experience)

Talk Topic: Promoting Good Design

Speaker Bio: Anna Bonner Mieritz is a Senior Manager of User Experience at She studied Product Design Engineering and began her career designing medical products. From there she shifted focus from physical interfaces to web interfaces while working on the launch of Timbuk2’s ecommerce site and custom bag builder. She has worked in the agency world as well as the startup world, and currently is part of’s Chatter team, creating workplace collaboration tools.

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    I am interested in attending the Salesforce Bay Area Girl Geek Dinner on Nov 1st. Please put my name in the lottery, thank you!


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    I am interested in attending the Salesforce Bay Area Girl Geek Dinner on Nov 1st. Please put my name in the lottery, thank you!

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