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Bay Area Girl Geek Dinner #25: Sponsored by ThoughtWorks


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Bay Area Girl Geek Dinner #25 will be hosted by ThoughtWorks on Wednesday, September 12, 2012 @ the Don Soker Gallery in downtown San Francisco!

Meet Chief Technology Officer, Rebecca Parsons and discover how her passion for technology has made her one of the most sought after sources of innovation today. Take the opportunity to discuss with Rebecca domain specific languages, technology in the developing world, big data, agile principles, the science of diversity and much more!

There will be lightning talks featuring ThoughtWorks’ own girl geeks on various topics, including: creative thinking and user testing in software development for great user experiences and how to write automated tests for iOS applications.

Event Hashtag: #GGDTW


ThoughtWorks Girl Geek Dinner Agenda:

6:00 PM-7:00 PM : Registration and Mingling over Refreshments
7:00pm – 8:00pm: Talk by ThoughtWorks’ CTO – Rebecca Parsons followed by Lightning Talks.
8:00pm – 9:00pm: Breakout for Q&A and More Networking

Speakers Bios:

Rebecca Parsons ThoughtWorks

Rebecca Parsons (Chief Technology Officer, ThoughtWorks)

Talk Topic: Opportunities and Challenges for Technology in the Developing World.

Dr. Rebecca Parsons is ThoughtWorks’ Chief Technology Officer. She has more than 20 years application development experience, in industries ranging from telecommunications to emergent internet services. Rebecca has published in both language and artificial intelligence publications, served on numerous program committees, and reviews for several journals.

Hiyasmin Dimaranan ThoughtWorks SF

Hiyasmin Dimaranan (CodeBreaker, ThoughtWorks Professional Services)

Talk Topic: Writing Automated Tests for iOS applications with Cucumber and Frank.

Hiyasmin is a Tester at ThoughtWorks that hugely focuses on Test Automation for Web & Mobile applications. She graduated from UCSB with a degree in Computer Science and has been working for ThoughtWorks for 3 years in various offices (US, Canada, Australia, India, and China). Along with being a CodeBreaker, Hiyasmin is also the SF Social Impact Program (SIP) representative.

Melissa Doerken ThoughtWorks SFMelissa Doerken (Business Analyst, ThoughtWorks Studios)

Talk Topic: User Testing On ThoughtWorks’ Studios product, Mingle.

Melissa is a Business Analyst for Mingle, an agile project management tool developed by ThoughtWorks Studios. She graduated with a degree in the History of Art from Yale University and is a Fulbright Scholar. Before joining ThoughtWorks Studios, Melissa supported a travel start-up in Rome, Italy and worked as consultant in the non-profit sector in New York.

Nancy Chu ThoughtWorks SF

Nancy Chu (User Experience Designer, ThoughtWorks Professional Services)

Talk Topic: Creativity, Programming, and Aardvarks

Nancy has a Psychology and International Studies double major from Northwestern University. She is a UX Designer at ThoughtWorks and has also played BA and QA roles. Her love for art and design, self taught front end development, and academic background in human behavioral research, has helped her become a successful polyskilled technologist.

Suzie Prince ThoughtWorks SF

Suzie Prince (Mingle Product Manager, Thoughtworks Studios)

Suzie is the PM for Mingle, an agile project management tool developed by ThoughtWorks Studios. She studied Biodiversity and Plant Science at university but dabbled in IT on the side. She loves travelling, hiking, eating, going to new places and being outside. Pretty much all of which are supported very well by her career at ThoughtWorks which has allowed her to visit different parts of the world, experience new cultures, foods and sights.

Annie Conn ThoughtWorks SF

Annie Conn (People Champion, ThoughtWorks Studios)

Annie is a Creativity champion, knowledge junkie and third culture kid. She’s the Talent Scout for ThoughtWorks and is dedicated to recruiting efforts for: the West– Calgary and San Francisco. She’s passionate about finding and making excellent hires… and keep the bar high.

Bonna Choi ThoughtWorks SF

Bonna Choi (Senior Consultant – BA, ThoughtWorks Professional Services)

Bonna is an Agile Business Analyst & an advocate for better ways of building software. She works as a senior consultant to enable the client team with Agile while delivering a working software. She joined ThoughtWorks twice with the belief that ThoughtWorks is the place where she can dream and work hard to make it come true. She’s worked in various countries (Australia, China, India and United States). She values diversity, creativity and leaving footprints where she goes, what she does and who she meets.

Special Guest:

Abby Bobe (Black Girls Code)

BlackGirlsCode was founded in April 2011, by Kimberly Bryant as a vehicle for introducing girls of color from underrepresented communities to computer programming and technology. At BlackGirlsCode our mission is to increase the number of young women of color in the field of digital and computer technology by providing them with skills in computer programming, exposing them to role models in the technology space, and increasing their self-confidence by teaching them the skills required to become tech creators and entrepreneurs.

Black Girls Code
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  1. Sheila Says:

    Do you guys record your sessions? I’m particularly interested in the Talk Topic: Writing Automated Tests for iOS applications with Cucumber and Frank.


  2. sukrutha Says:

    Hi Sheila,
    This dinner was not recorded. Please watch videos from our other dinners on