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Girl Geek X

Bay Area Girl Geek Dinner #4: Sponsored by LOLapps

Join us on Thursday, June 11, 2009 at Roe in San Francisco for a Girl Geek Dinner sponsored by LOLapps celebrating women programmers! We have speakers on Python, Ruby on Rails, game development, and Javascript beginning at 6:30pm. Doors open at 5:30pm for drinks & networking. Dinner & drink ticket provided.Event is FREE for girl geeks. If you are a guy geek interested in attending, find a girl geek to register you as her guest.

Featured Speakers:

Sarah Mei, Senior Software Engineer, LookSmart

Leah Culver, Software Engineer, Six Apart

Dori Smith, Author, Programmer

Amanda Wixted, Game Developer, Zynga

Speaker Bios:

Sarah Mei has spent ten years doing interesting things with code and data. For the last three years she’s been working in Ruby on Rails, which she loves for how it handles the tedious problems, freeing her to focus on the interesting ones. Sarah is a Senior Software Engineer at LookSmart. Sarah also heads the Open Workshop project at RailsBridge, runs introductory Ruby on Rails workshops for women, and supports people running their own by releasing workshop tools. She has, among other things, a CS degree from UC San Diego, a blog, a husband, a preschooler, a baby, a weakness for puzzle games and pirates, and an apartment with way too many computers in it.

Leah Culver was a co-founder and the lead developer of the social network and micro-blogging website Pownce, which was acquired by blog juggernaut Six Apart in November 2008. Now a software engineer at Six Apart, Leah uses her experience with Pownce to develop large scale social applications for future Six Apart projects. While creating the Pownce API she co-authored both the OAuth and OEmbed open API specifications and now maintains the popular Python OAuth library. Leah promotes open source, APIs, and the Django web framework on her blog at In her free time she likes to play around with new technology and try new restaurants near her home in San Francisco.

Dori Smith is the best-selling co-author of JavaScript and Ajax for the Web: Visual QuickStart GuideDreamweaver: Visual QuickStart GuideStyling Web Pages with CSS: Visual QuickProject Guide, and Mac OS X Unwired. She also wrote Java 2 for the WWW: Visual QuickStart Guide and contributes to numerous online and print computer industry magazines. A frequent speaker at industry conferences, she has been a member of the Web Standards Project since its founding and is Publisher and ListMom for the Wise-Women’s Web organization. She co-founded and contributes to the long-running Backup Brain weblog.

Amanda Wixted has been developing games for mobile devices since 2005 and has worked on many platforms, mainly focusing on J2ME devices and the iPhone. She has worked for Octopi and Namco Networks, and was the first iPhone developer hired at Zynga, where she currently works. Some of her credited titles include Mafia WarsLive Poker, Shuffleboard, Pac-Man, Ms Pac-Man, Pac-Man Arcade Golf, JellyPOP, and PoxNora. She lives in San Francisco where she sings in the band Delivery Is Possible and enjoys shopping and starting side project apps with friends.

Annie Chang is Co-Founder and Head of Product at LOLapps, one of the largest companies in the social application space, reaching over 44 MM monthly unique users. LOLapps offers tools that allow anyone to create, personalize and share customized applications on social networks. Prior to LOLapps, Annie was a product manager at BitTorrent and an engineer at Adobe. Annie holds a B.S. in EECS from UC Berkeley.

Annie Chang welcomes the crowd at Bay Area Girl Geek Dinner #4.

Sarah Mei speaks on how she got into programming Ruby on Rails.

Leah Culver and her paper slides held by volunteer.

Dori Smith and Amanda Wixted get their presentations projector-ready.

Amanda Wixted talks about developing iPhone games.

Sitting, not standing.

Dori Smith on JavaScript and AJAX.